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All members of NASP will agree to abide by the conditions below:

To enter the spirit of the site as security professionals and conduct themselves as members of NASP appropriately.

The member agrees that the Directors of NASP can interpret a members conduct as they see fit and proper for the site and may advise accordingly.

Any advice given by NASP, will be done so in the honestly held belief that at the time of issue, it was in fact correct. NASP will not be responsible for any advice given, and action / cost / loss therein, that occurred as a response to that advice.

The Terms and Conditions of NASP may change from time to time reflecting the evolution of the site and demand from the membership.

NASP has the right to refuse access to and / or remove a persons details from the site, should the Directors feel this would be the best course of action for the site and the rest of the membership.

NASP can take no responsibility for advertisements on the site that fail to deliver to members for whatever reason.

NASP will however operate a robust complaints policy and if a company is found to in breach of NASP policy, or otherwise compromising the rights of its members, the company could be removed from the site.

All monies paid to NASP for membership are non refundable.

Member Forum

Members will not engage in or encourage negativity on the forum unless part of a link that necessitates constructive criticism for the link as part of an ongoing discussion.

Foul language will not be used. Anglo Saxon blasphemies will be monitored and looked at in the context of the link. Members will be advised accordingly.

All threads on this site are our members private thoughts / feelings and experiences, they have no relevance outside of this private member forum.

Any members copying threads and exposing them to non-member third parties are breaching copyright of the site, acting in contravention of the spirit of the site, and once identified will be named and banned from the site.

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