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Licence Refused?

If a licence has been refused, there is a procedure which can be followed to try and get the first decision overturned. NASP will also assist in this process with the member and will also give an honest answer as to whether it is likely an applicant will be successful on appeal.

There is NO GUARANTEE that this process will be successful for every applicant, some applicants will not be able to appeal on mitigation grounds and can only have their appeal heard at their local magistrates' court, in this case the applicant should be advised accordingly by the SIA. However, on balance it is a fair procedure and the current success rate on appeal for legitimate applicants has been very good.

Step 1

Write to the Security Industry Authority asking for your application to be reconsidered.

Supply as much information as you possibly can, this should also include references from well respected or considered well respected individuals, such as Commanding Officer's, Company Directors, local police, if you are known to them, i.e. door supervisors will have worked with local police.

For more information of how to appeal at stage 1, email:

Step 2

You apply to your local Magistrates Court for the decision to be over turned.

If this fails

Step 3

You apply to the Crown Court, this is the final step in the appeals process and should this fail, you will not be issued a licence.

It is vital that you supply as much information as possible in Step 1 to ensure that you avoid the possible very expensive Steps 2 & 3.

Should you wish NASP to assist you in your appeal, please email:

There will be a small charge for this service to cover admin cost, but will cost no more than £50.00.

Assistance can only be given to members of NASP.

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